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Our workshop is located in the Vrachesh village, famous for its rich historical heritage.

Our success and development come as a natural result from the talent and craftsmanship of generations of coopers who have dedicated their lives to this ancient craft.

The trade entered the family more than 150 years ago, not only giving them their livelihood, but also bringing them fame. The first famous cooper in the family was Nikola Nikolov, master Tzvetan’s grandfather. After him came Tzvetan’s father, Petar Nikolov, whom he began apprenticing with as a child in order to master the craft and in turn hand it down to his own children. Petar Nikolov became famous when in 1964, together with a well-trained team of helpers, he made twelve barrels with a storage capacity of 10,000 liters. Master Tzvetan and his family’s years of hard work and love for the craft have turned cooperage from a line of trade into a true form of art, which is a guarantee for the impeccable quality of his handiwork.

Now the craftsmen create their produce in a workshop with an area of 3,000 square meters, assisted by a team of well-trained workers.

Our companys aim is to satisfy the domestic and foreign markets demand for high-quality barrels and casks, which are essential for deriving the optimum gustatory and aromatic qualities from the drinks maturing in them.

Our company specializes in making oak casks, barrels and vats to be used for wine, certain types of brandy, cognac and whisky, as well as professional and collectors pots and pails.




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