The products that we offer are made attractive not only by their high quality, but also by their extremely low prices. We offer a discount for larger orders.

We can manufacture from 650 to 850 barrels a year with a storage capacity between 3 and 600 liters. Casks with a capacity between 600 and 4000 liters can be made if requested in advance. Pots, pails and vats of different sizes are also made on prior request.

Our produce has earned its share of the market in countries like France, Spain, Greece, Germany and Italy, while at the same time we satisfy the demands of the domestic market as well.

All of our products come with a twelve-month warranty and guaranteed maintenance and post-warranty servicing. We also recycle used barrels.


*Use and keeping of the barrels:

- When you buy a new cask it is recommended that you fill it with a solution of cold water and 1 to 3 packets of special cleaning soda (depending on the size of the cask) and let it soak for 24 hours, after which you should wash it several times with cold water, until the water starts coming off clean. After this treatment the cask is ready for use or storage.

For illwine you should use casks (barrels) that were heavily toasted (level H) at a high temperature of 300 degrees. These are not washed before being filled with wine.

The cask (barrel) should be kept in a dark cellar at a temperature of 16-18 degrees.



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